< Karir

Customer Analyst Intern

You'll be involved in growth team where you are responsible to do behavioral analysis from qualitative data. If you have a huge interest in digital product and marketing, this position will be the right one to prepare your career.

You Will Learn:

● You will learn the basic 101 of digital startup.
● You will learn the new way of growth where product and marketing merging as one mindset
● You will learn the basic of quantitative analysis using mixpanel and google analytic.

Your Role:

● Collecting primary qualitative data from user by doing structured and unstructured survey.
● Create report analysis from your data.
● Work with VP of growth to adjust User's Persona and Journey based on qualitative data.
● Work with VP of growth to do conversion/funnel optimization.

Basic Requirement:

● Major in Management, Psychology, Business, Communcation or any other related major.
● Basic excel function.

Drop your CV & Proven work to